VCE Drama Playlist

Scattered Lives has been selected for the 2019 VCE Drama Playlist. This AWGIE nominated play charts the physical and emotional journeys of people who have sought refuge in Australia from 1959 to the present day. Scattered Lives gives students a contemporary Australian work about situations on their doorstep to unpack non-naturalistic performance styles as 2 highly experienced actors transform to play a multitude of roles. Using contemporary forms this episodic play is a great resource for non-naturalistic performance styles.
Victorian tour dates are 13th to 31st May 2019.

All performances are followed by a forum with the artists. The post-show Q&A is a valuable resource for the VCE students who hear first-hand how a dramatic work is created and why choices are made to structure the performance.
Scattered Lives provides fertile ground for the students to devise and shape their own ensemble performances.

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Scattered Lives and connections to drama curriculum